September is the ultimate “back-to” month. With vacations ending, kids starting school etc. it seems like everything just amps up after the summer break (read “back-to” craziness). If your like me and really enjoyed a “party time” mindset over the last few months (to the tune of 5 extra pounds-URRG!), you may be more than ready to get “back-to” a healthier routine again. My 5 rules for getting “back-to” feeling great are simple – who needs to add to the craziness of September!
1. Start the day with fresh lemon (pre-juice a few lemons and save in fridge for 4 days) in warm or cold water. This a a great time to start a probiotic (I LOVE Pearl Probiotics by Enzymatic Health-so easy to take). Both will improve bowel function and strengthen immune function.
2. Protein at all 3 meals plus a little at snack time will help keep blood sugar even keeled and prevent energy bonks plus help your body burn those new fat stores. Think Greek Yogurt with a little fruit, nuts and seeds or 2 eggs cooked anyway (check out my pancake recipe) or a protein smoothie
3. Tons of veggies! When you are trying to lose a few pounds nothing fills you up like veggies(just avoid corn and white potatoes) so go for it! Fill a ziplock with fresh organic carrots (just buy the whole big ones, rinse and eat), cherry tomatoes, snap peas, peppers, etc. Plop a handful of kale or spinach in your smoothie to make it easy.
4. Always have an afternoon snack. When my kids were small I would call 3/4pm the “witching hour” and if i did not feed myself then, I would be nibbling after dinner (the WORST time to eat). Try some Mary’s Crackers with 1 Tablespoon almond butter or an apple plus a baby belle or veggies with hummus. A handful of nuts work well with a piece of fruit or try carrying a bar with you (like Bounce Protein or Kind Protein Plus peanut and dark chocolate-tastes like an Oh Henry Bar!)
5. Eat a light and early dinner of protein, veggies, salad with dressing and try to eat it early. It’s also really easy to order this kind of meal when out. The other day I had a burger on a lettuce bun at Joey’s in Yorkdale with a side of their Beach salad and it was fantastic. I also order a dish that usually comes with rice/potatoes and ask them to just give me double the veggies. Most restaurants are more than happy to comply.
The earlier the dinner, the better. When you have to eat late follow the rule of later=lighter and maybe split an entrée or go for an appetizer portion for your dinner meal.

Five easy steps to set you on the right path. I find once I have a plan, it makes it so much more manageable and gets me in the right headspace. September is such a beautiful month as well so try to get out for an evening stroll after dinner and enjoy the late light and mild weather before it’s gone for good.

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