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The Girls on Bloor

Delicious Nutrition Cleanse Program We were recently invited to preview Delicious Nutrition‘s Winter 2015 Cleanse and Clean Eating Program with Natural Foods Chef Carolyn Cohen and Certified Holistic Nutrionist Krissy Smith. Cohen and Smith founded their small company Delicious Nutrition in the fall of 2014 and have since created a series of programs aimed at people who want to improve their health without sacrificing tasty food in the process. During the program, we learned about the essentials of a cleanse program, which include ways to maintain a proper balance of blood sugar levels while keeping energy levels high, as well as nutritionally-balanced and easy-to-follow meal planning. It’s super important to support the body through the cleanse, which focuses on getting rid of toxins from the body by temporarily eliminating certain foods like meat, sugars, and grains. It’s a great program that allows you to see what foods will improve your body and ultimately make you feel good! When you cleanse, you can see what foods affect you and eliminate as necessary. For the month of January, Delicious Nutrition has a two week clean eating program located at Nella Cucina, a boutique cooking store with a demonstration kitchen on the top floor. The first week of the program is a Clean Eating Cleanse designed by Krissy to support the body through a mild detox by eliminating food preservatives and sweeteners. Supporting the body during detoxification is key because it helps get rid of toxins and helps maintain a healthy lifestyle. The second week of the program is a Re-Introduction of Foods where Chef Carolyn teaches you how to make quick and easy, yet totally nutritious, meals for the week.... read more

Shalom Life

Startup Club: Delicious Nutrition “Changing peoples lives, one delicious meal at a time” When you think about healthy eating, great taste doesn’t often come to mind. Images of green foods that taste like grass, or sandwiches filled with plants you can’t pronounce and no meat in sight, often come to mind. Or, alternatively, you think of some great tasting and healthy food that takes a week to prepare and never turns out like you imagined.If, like most people, you’re looking to make a healthy change in your life and could use some guidance on how to go about making that change, then you might want to check out Delicious Nutrition. Based in Toronto, Delicious Nutrition offers clients a series of programs designed to help you eat great without having to compromise taste. Their sessions will not only teach you the fundamentals of nutrition, the importance of clean eating, and how to keep balance in your diet, but also teach you how to make healthy five minute meals, offer taste testings, meal plans, and tips on how to stay on track.What’s especially great about Delicious Nutrition is that it combines the nutritional know-how of Krissy Smith, a holistic nutritionist and certified nutritional practitioner, with the hands-on cooking experience of Carolyn Cohen, who’s both a chef, as well as the owner of and a recipe developer for DELICIOUSDISH Cooking School. With an intimate class setting, and an interactive approach, Delicious Nutrition makes eating healthily fun and easy to understand.We at Shalom Life got a chance to speak with the two food revolutionists to speak to them about healthy eating, the challenges of starting a... read more

The Food Sisterhood

WORKSHOP | Delicious Nutrition – Winter Cleanses have never tasted so good! It’s that time of year again! Time to make promises to ourselves to eat healthy and cut out junk food. We’ve all been there and done that but seriously, with all the good food that Toronto has to offer, how many of us were able to stay on track? I think one of the hardest parts to sticking with a clean diet is that you don’t know where to start. We also have the mentality that eating clean is boring. Thankfully with a Winter Cleanse program offered by Delicious Nutrition, eating clean has never tasted so delicious!Chef Carolyn Cohen and nutritionist Krissy Smith founded Delicious Nutrition and created a series of programs for people who want to eat healthy without sacrificing taste. After all, if we can all eat healthier foods that are tasty, why not? Not to mention that these ladies are foodies like us, they love yummy food! The best part about being on a cleanse is that you know EXACTLY what’s going in your body and it’s really about making a lifestyle change that will make you feel better. A two-week cleanse program will help your body go through a cleanse with a whole food based plan while incorporating creative dishes to keep your palettes engaged! The second week includes a gradual reintroduction of various food and helps you make a permanent lifestyle change to balance what we’re putting in our bodies. For example, if you stop having so much sugar for a week and had a macaron on the second week, your tastebud will realize how sweet it is and... read more
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