At Eat, Play, Live, I offer a variety of nutrition counseling services, from Personalized Wellness Plans to group Nutrition Nights, Food Demo’s, Healthy Kitchen Makeovers and Grocery Store Tours.  I also offer a supervised cleanse four times a year.


Personalized Nutrition Program and Lifestyle Counseling

I work with you to design a realistic plan to help you meet your wellness goals.  You will learn how to establish healthier habits so that changes are sustainable.  Whether your goal is to lose weight, increase energy or address health concerns you will reach realistic goals that are practical for your busy lifestyle and individual needs.

This service involves:  

  • Initial Consultation:
    This is an information gathering session where I will be able to assess your current food intake, understand your health goals and objectives as well as access your health history and dietary needs.  This is usually a 60-minute appointment.
  • Nutrition Program Presentation:
    After the initial consultation, I will design a specific meal plan along with a list of food choices, grocery shopping list, recipes, supplement recommendations and exercise options and walk you through it at the second meeting.  This is usually a 60-minute appointment.
  •  Subsequent Follow-up appointments:
    We would also plan follow-up visits for support and guidance usually spaced at 1-2 weeks apart for as long as you need them to reach your goal. These are generally 20-30 minute appointments.

The charges are as follows:  

  • Initial consultation/health intake and assessment:  $150
  • Nutrition Program Presentation:  $250
  • Subsequent follow-up visits:  $40/session or 4 for $150


You can purchase a package that includes 1, 2 and 3 as above for  $525 or Purchase each service individually for the above stated prices.


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Nutrition Nights and Food Demo’s

Healthy eating should be delicious, so at Eat, Play,  Live, I am passionate about sharing my yummy family friendly recipes and cooking tips.  I try to demystify the health food industry by clarifying diet and health information and showing you the simplest way to incorporate new products, supplements and foods into your busy lifestyle.

Pricing varies depending on group size and topic

Past topics include 

  • Superfoods Made Super Easy: Let me demystify “health foods “for you and highlight a few of my favorites showing how to easily incorporate them into your daily life.
  • Snack Yourself Skinny/Healthy: How and what to eat to rev up your metabolism, stop cravings, boost energy and jump start weight loss


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Guided Cleanse Seminars

Cleansing is a fabulous way to jump start weight loss, unburden digestive systems, debloat and renew vitality.  At Eat, Play, Live, I host a 14 day clean eating cleanse group program 2 times a year.  This program includes 2 weekly meetings; one at the beginning and one at the end plus a complete food plan, grocery list, recipes and tips for staying on plan.  I also provides daily 24/7 email support and encouragement throughout the cleanse period. The Group Cleanse program is usually offered in the Fall (October) and Spring (April/May).  Upcoming Group Cleanse dates will be posted on this website. Space will be limited. Pricing varies depending on group size. 
I also offer an Individual Clean Eating Cleanse 2 week program that includes 2 individual counselling sessions, complete food plan, grocery list, recipes and tips plus 24/7 email support for the 2 week period. Cost $250


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Clean Kitchen Makeovers/Grocery Shopping 101

The best place to start on a wellness journey is in the home kitchen.  Let me sort through those kitchen cabinets, fridge and freezer and help you figure out what needs to go and what can stay.  I will make healthy recommendations for substitutions and help your cooking space be more efficient.  I can also take you on a Grocery Shopping Tour to help you maximize your dollar, save time shopping and streamline your menu planning.

Pricing varies depending on package purchased.


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